Marriage Visa Thailand

If you have a Thai children or children or you might have a Thai wife then the Thai “O” visa is what you would need to apply for. In order to obtain this visa you need to prove you have a Thai child or a Thai wife in Thailand who you will need to support. For your Thai wife you need your marriage certificate and a birth certificate if it is for your Thai child. These are the basics.

Marriage Visa for Thailand

Firstly at the Thai embassy you need to provide them with the following documents which need to be copied and signed with a blue pen. Most marriage visas issued tend to be single entry 90 day visas. These cannot be extended like a tourist visa but can be extended to 1 year if you meet the financial requirements. The documents needed at the embassy is as follows:

  • – Copy of your passport;
  • – Copy of your Thai child’s birth certificate;
  • – Copy of your Thai marriage certificate;
  • – Copy of your Thai wife’s ID card;
  • – Copy of your Thai wife’s house papers.

These documents will be what is needed for the embassy to issue you the 90 day marriage or Thai “O” visa when you apply for it. Once in Thailand you have 90 days to extend this visa. In order to extend this visa you need the above documents again plus 3 new documents.

  • – Copy of a map to your house/apartment;
  • – Copy of photos of you and your Thai wife together;
  • – Copy of your Thai bank account showing 400,000THB or an income of 40,000THB

This process normally takes 3-4 weeks to complete so you cannot wait until the visa is very close to expire in order to extend the visa. Speak to us online about your marriage visa in Thailand and how best to extend this visa. Rules at Thai immigration change from time to time so speak to our lawyers about the latest rules.

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