Thai Retirement Visa

Older than 50 and wanting to retire in Thailand? If you are married to a Thai then you don’t need a retirement visa but can simply apply for a marriage visa which has the same effect but with a much lower requirement. Many expats who live in Thailand on a retirement visa when they get married they switch over to a marriage visa. Its much easier to complete.

Thai Retirement Visa

The visa process for the retirement visa or the Thai “O-A” visa starts at a Thai embassy in your country. At the embassy the process is easy enough but you have to do this correct and prepare all your documents in Thailand correctly or leave the country and start the process again. This can become costly that is why most who retire in Thailand use the services of an immigration lawyer. You need the following documents at the embassy:

  • – Copy of passport;
  • – Completed application form.

Once it Thailand the documents needed increases. You now need the following documents that your attorney in Bangkok would be able to assist you with. We have noted some of the most frequent problems with the retirement visa in Thailand.

  • – Copy of passport;
  • – Completed application form;
  • – Copy of Thai bank account showing 800,000 THB or
  • – Copy of Thai bank account showing income of 65,000THB monthly;
  • – Copy of criminal record clearance;
  • – Copy of medical certificate from Thai hospital.

Once you have all these documents it will now take about 3-4 weeks to complete the visa process. Note that this is not a multiple entry visa but a 1 year visa which has been extended from a 3 month visa. If you wish to leave Thailand and return you need to apply for a re-entry permit which will allow you to leave Thailand and return without invalidating your 1 year visa. If you leave without a re-entry permit you retirement visa will become invalid.

Common Problems:

Most common problem comes from Americans who have a DUI and moist times this was when they had been very young. Thai immigration needs this explained to them as some do get a retirement visa in Thailand with a DUI but you are going to need a lawyer to deal with this matter. Obtain a copy of the DUI and provide this to your attorney in Bangkok.

Second problem is healthcare. As a foreigner you do not get free healthcare in Thailand and you are expected to pay your own way. Ensure that you have proper medical insurance as many expat clubs in Thailand offer good medical coverage. The medical certificate is to show that you do not have a transmittable disease such as TB, HIV/AIDS or late stage syphilis.

The income requirement and deposit requirement can be a combination of the two. You can as an example show 400,000THB in a bank account in Thailand with an income of 33,000THB per month. You need to speak to your lawyer about this and this is only used as an example.

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