Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership

A Membership Package is a great choice for digital nomads or expats looking to stay in Thailand for extended periods. It is a fast, simple and affordable way to gain the long-term visa & privileges that you want.

Upon your arrival, you are met by an Elite representative at the plane door and escorted through the premium immigration lanes. You will also receive free 90-day reporting, bank account opening and driver’s license assistance.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is an excellent option for those who wish to live in Thailand long-term. It provides a variety of choices and an extended stay, eliminating the stress of visa renewals and applications. It also enables members to experience the premium lifestyle of Thailand for an extensive period, whether for retirement or business purposes.

The application process is streamlined and can be done from anywhere in the world. Once the background check is complete, applicants will receive a letter of approval and instructions on how to pay the membership fee.

Once the fee is paid, members will be given their membership ID and instructions on how to obtain the visa. They can then affix the visa to their passport at the Thai embassy or consulate abroad or upon arrival in Thailand. They will then be eligible to open a bank account, get a driver’s license and more.

Platinum Family Package

Designed for individuals who wish to invest in Thailand for the long-term, this membership provides a visa that grants members a hassle-free lifestyle with complete peace of mind. This includes a 24/7 member contact center, a complimentary Elite Personal Assistant upon arrival to guide you through immigration and passport control via premium lanes at Thai airports, an annual health checkup and personal accident insurance, as well as a host of exclusive privileges.

The application journey is much simpler than other long-term visa applications, but does still involve submission of a large packet of documents and a criminal background check. After submitting the required paperwork, a member should receive an approval letter and membership invoice within 30 days. Once the membership fee is paid, the visa can be affixed at any Thai diplomatic office or at a designated Thailand Elite office abroad. This tier is recommended for digital nomads, frequent travelers, investors, retirees, and families.

Diamond Package

The Thailand Elite Visa cost varies based on the package you choose. The Platinum Package offers a 10-year membership and 5-year multiple-entry visa for an upfront fee of 1.5 million THB. It also includes 35 privilege points that enhance the Thai experience. You can add family members at an additional cost of 1 million THB per person to share the benefits of the program with your loved ones.

The Diamond and Reserve membership packages offer a variety of benefits, including yearly health checks, premium shopping experiences, birthday river cruises, priority services, dedicated customer hotline, complimentary domestic flights with Bangkok Airways, and more. In addition, members can open a bank account in Thailand and obtain a driver’s license.

The most exclusive option is the Reserve package, which comes with a 20-year membership term and 120 privilege points. The cost of this membership is 5 million THB and is available by invitation only. In order to qualify for this membership, you must have a passport that is valid for at least one year and have no record of overstaying in Thailand.

Gold Package

The Gold Package is ideal for individuals looking to enjoy a short or medium-term stay in Thailand. It offers a 5-year visa validity period and includes benefits such as airport transfers, yearly health checks, premium lounge and shopping privileges, VIP seating, and more.

In addition, the visa holder can access wealth and investment advisory services, exclusive networking events, and seminars. Moreover, they can also enjoy discounts at top restaurants and hotels and complimentary domestic flights on Bangkok Airways.

The membership package is a must for wealthy tourists, businesspeople, and investors who want to experience the best that Thailand has to offer without the hassle of frequent visa renewals or application processes. Moreover, the visa allows them to spend more time exploring and enjoying their preferred parts of the country. This makes it an excellent option for retirees who wish to live in a beautiful country with world-class facilities and amenities.

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