Re-Entry Permits

Re-Entry Permit / 90 Day Reporting

These are two important matters when you have an extended visa in Thailand. This can be a marriage visa or a retirement visa. If you do not understand these then please ask an immigration lawyer about it or speak to someone at Thai immigration to explain this too you. Normally the immigration lawyers in Thailand explain this very well once they have extended your visa to a 1 year visa.

Re-Entry Permits

If you have a 1 year retirement visa or a 1 year marriage visa then you cannot leave Thailand without a re-entry permit. If you leave Thailand without a re-entry permit you will invalidate you 1 year visa and you would need to start the process again by obtaining a new visa and showing again that you meet the financial requirements and age/marriage requirements for your visa as you did the first time. The re-entry permit can be obtained at Thai immigration and there are 2 options. The first being a single entry permit which can only be used once or a mufti-entry permit which will allow you to leave and enter Thailand without having to obtain a re-entry permit again.

90 Day Reporting

This is a very simple process of going to Thai immigration and signing the book which you sign and write down your new home address. This might be the same address as the last time but this is to ensure that immigration has the latest address for you on record. They will give you a slip to staple into your passport to show when the last time was that your reported your address. Thai immigration also allows you to post in the 90 day reporting by simply providing them with a copy of your passport, copy of your last slip and they will update their records and post you a new slip for your passport. This is done once every 90 days.

If you have any questions about your visa then ask us online or walk into any of our offices in Thailand. If you prefer you can also ask at any immigration office in Thailand for advice on your 90 day reporting or re-entry permits.

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