Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership

Upgrading to a Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership offers members a wide range of premium privileges. This includes immigration fast-track at major airports and limousine services.

To begin, submit documents like a completed application and PDPA form, passport photocopy, and a recent picture to your General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA). Your GSSA will then review your submission to catch any mistakes or missing information.


The Thailand Elite Visa program is available to people looking for a long-term residency solution in the country. The process involves submitting required documents and passing a background check. The final result is a card membership that includes a visa and a wide range of privileges.

Each package has different benefits, but all offer a premium experience in the country. For example, the Platinum Membership offers a 10-year visa validity period and perks like airport transfers, yearly health checks, premium lounge access, VIP seating, birthday gifts, participation in seasonal events, and more.

The ultimate benefit of this program is a worry-free visa status for the entire family. Additionally, the cardholder can hire an Elite Personal Assistant to handle mundane government tasks for only one Privilege Point.

Extensive Privileges

The Gold, Platinum and Diamond membership packages through the Thailand Elite Visa offer varying lengths of legal stay in the country, with the prestigious Reserve card providing a long-term 20 year residency visa by invitation. With this, you’ll be bestowed with top-tier privileges and a level of exclusivity that will make you feel like royalty.

For example, a member is entitled to free annual health checks at international-standard hospitals. They can also access a government concierge for expert consultation. Moreover, members can open bank accounts in Thailand and secure a Thai driver’s license.

Moreover, Thailand Privilege Visa members can enjoy VIP treatment when traveling by air. They can use their membership ID to get a priority check-in line and access to airport lounges. Additionally, they can also avail of roundtrip limousine transfers between the airport and their hotel or place of residence.

24/7 Concierge Service

Dedicated customer support is available 24/7 to assist members with a variety of services, including immigration-related matters. A member contact center (MCC) is also staffed to provide a concierge service and arrange a wide range of premium privileges, from golfing and spa experiences to yearly health checks and airport transfers.

Depending on the membership package, residents can enjoy unlimited private limousine short-haul transfer points each year, free yearly health checks, and priority services at the airport. Dedicated Elite Personal Assistants will greet members upon arrival and departure, helping them to navigate Thai airport protocol while saving valuable time and energy.

Harvey Law Group offers a number of Thailand Elite Visa membership packages that provide different visa durations and privilege points. We study each client’s needs, resources and goals before determining the best immigration solution for them.

Special Discounts

Depending on the membership package chosen, members will receive a variety of privileges to make life in Thailand easier. These benefits range from assistance with government agencies to a variety of exclusive lifestyle options.

The gold package grants a five-year visa and allows holders to redeem 20 privilege points each year. This package is suitable for digital nomads who want to save time and expense on visa renewals.

The platinum membership offers a ten-year visa with 35 privilege points per year. This package is suitable for families who are looking to live in Thailand longer. It comes with a variety of premium lifestyle options, including yearly health checks and airport transfers, premium lounge access at shopping malls, VIP seating and birthday gifts. This membership tier is available to a limited number of applicants by invitation only.

Limousine Transfers

The moment the member steps off their plane at Suvarnabhumi Airport, a limousine awaits to transport them directly to their destination. This service is complimentary for Elite members.

Upon successfully completing the background check and the application process, the applicant will receive a letter of approval with instructions on how to pay the membership fee for their chosen package. Once the payment is completed, the visa affixing process will be taken care of by an Elite agent at designated airports.

The Thailand Elite Visa program presents several membership packages tailored to diverse preferences for those seeking a long-term base in Thailand. The Gold card opens with a 5-year visa validity period, the Platinum offers a 10-year visa validty, the Diamond extends to 15 years, and the prestigious Reserve card features a 20-year duration.

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